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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Feb-2013(1405) measurement through the decay to 0 0, resulting from K􀀀 meson absorption on 4He and 12C : with the KLOE detectorPiscicchia, Kristian
14-Nov-20161750 French map of the north east of Africa
19-Mar-2010"1968-1975: l'ultima stagione pasoliniana, corsara e luterana"Di Berardino, Andrea
26-Jun-20141989-1990 : la politica estera degli Stati Uniti e la questione tedesca. Un'occasione perduta di lasciarsi la guerra fredda alle spalle?Corazziari, Chiara
18-Nov-20162nd World War period – British occupation
201540 years later: automatic transcription of SomaliNimaan Abdillahi Kaourah
4-Dec-19724th Virement of the 1972 Budget.
9-Sep-20149° Congresso “Città e Territorio Virtuale” CITTÀ MEMORIA GENTE
2-Dec-2015A Bibliography of somali language and linguisticsNilsson, Morgan
21-Jan-2014A Bibliography of the Somali LanguageLamberti, Marcello
1969A Bibliography of the Somali Language and LiteratureJohnson, John William
1983A Brief Review of the Surface and Groundwater Resources of the North-West Region of SomaliaFaillace, C.
1888A collection of birds from Somali-Land (Appendix)Shelley, G. E.
2003A comparative analysis of restrictive and appositive clauses in Cushitic languagesFrascarelli, MaraPuglielli, Annarita
1978A Cookery of Somali StyleAsha Mohamud Guled
2011A Country Called Somalia: Culture, Language and Society of a Vanishing State
1994A Critique of Said Samatar's "Somalia: A Nation in Turmoil"Ahmed Q. Ali
20-Mar-2015A crystal-chemical study of cordierite, synthesis and stability at variable H2O and CO2 concentration: geological and technological applicationsRadica, Francesco
18-Jan-2012A Dangerous Delay: The cost of late response to early warnings in the 2011 drought in the Horn of AfricaHillier, DebbieDempsey, Benedict