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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Feb-2013CAV1 Protein in Skin Cancer PathogenesisCapozza, Franco
31-Mar-2016Distribuzione di segnali di sincronizzazione per la Power Quality attraverso ponte radio MicrowaveTrinca, Daniele
22-Feb-2016Promises and failures of gallium as an antibacterial agentBonchi, Carlo
15-Feb-2016Exosomes in the pathogenesis of HIV-1Arenaccio, Claudia
17-Feb-2016Effects of oxidative stress on telomere structure and telomeric epigenetic modifications : the role of telomere in chromosome instabilityColuzzi, Elisa
20-Apr-2016Progettazione di una elettronica di lettura ad elevata efficienza per gamma camere compatteGalasso, Matteo
16-Dec-2016Using radon as tracer for Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (NAPL) contamination.De Simone, Gabriele
11-Mar-2016Dehydration and deprotonation processes in minerals: development of new spectroscopic techniquesSusta, Umberto
11-Mar-2016New integrated approach to assess thermal maturity of sedimentary succcessions by means of organic and inorganic indicatorsSchito, Andrea
11-Mar-2016Geochemistry and geochronology of travertine from the internal Apennine chain (Sothern Tuscany): implication for the hydrothermal setting in a post-orogenic domainBerardi, Gabriele
11-Feb-2016Post-orogenic evolution of the central Tyrrhenian margin: insights from high penetration and high resolution seismic reflection profilesMisuraca, Martina
11-Feb-2016Longer vs shorter-term behavior of Mauna loa Volcano HawaiiLa Marra, Daniele
11-Feb-2016A source-to-sink history of the supradetachment Gediz Graben (W Turkey): from exhumation of the Central Menderes Massif through the Gediz detachment fault to sedimentation in the basinAsti, Riccardo
15-Feb-2016Distribution patterns and population analysis of threatened longhorn beetles in forest habitats of central ItalyRossi de Gasepris, Sarah
11-Mar-2016Integrated analysis for intermontane basins studies:tectono-stratigraphic and paleoclimatic evolution of the L'Aquila BasinNocentini, Marco
22-Feb-2016Optimization and applications of the microbiological survey method MBSArienzo, Alyexandra
15-Feb-2016Role of estrogen-induced neuroglobin expression in neurodegeneration and neuroprotectionNuzzo, Maria Teresa
22-Feb-2016New insights into the virulence potential of Acinetobacter baumanniiGentile, Valentina
22-Feb-2016Virtual screening for protein function annotation and drug discoveryDi Muzio, Elena
17-Feb-2016Alterations in peroxisomal function induced by genomic instability and their relevance for agingBarone, Luana
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 111

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