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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jan-2011Study of Kaon semileptonic decays on the lattice using twisted-mass fermions and stochastic techiniques for the light-meson propagatorsOrifici, Lorenzo
23-Feb-2011Challenges for first-principles methods in theoretical and computational physics : multiple excitations in many-electrons systems and the Aharonov-Bohm effect in carbon nanotubesSangalli, Davide
8-Feb-2012Robust quantum optical states for quantum sensing and entanglement testsSpagnolo, Nicolò
28-Jan-2011Growth of cosmological perturbations in Dark Energy universesDi Porto, Cinzia
23-Feb-2011Generation and manipulation of multiphoton quantum fieldsVitelli, Chiara
24-Jan-2011Backlund transformations and exact time-discretization for Gaudin and related modelsZullo, Federico
21-Feb-2011A simplified 1D model for the chemo-mechanical coupling in sarcomere dynamicsZastrow, Lena Rebecca
23-Jan-2012Magnetism structure and chemical order in the 3d metals and their alloys at extreme pressuresTorchio, Raffaella
12-Jun-2009Quasiclassical methods for spin-charge coupled dynamics in low-dimensional systemsGorini, Cosimo
26-Jan-2011Eteroepitassia di Ge su Si per dispositivi mesoscopiciPea, Marialilia
28-Jan-2011Identificazione di AGN oscurati ad alto redshift attraverso spettroscopia a campo integrato nel vicino IRSarria Chavez, Julian Enrique
9-Mar-2012Phase diagrams of REFeAsO1-xFx materials : macroscopic and nanoscopic experimental investigationPrando, Giacomo
9-Feb-2012Multiscale models in condensed matterPaoluzzi, Matteo
28-Feb-2012NLO QCD corrections to CP-even and CP-odd Higgs boson production via gluon fusion in the MSSMDi Vita, Stefano
2-Feb-2012Optimal identification of volcanic noise source using integral methodsDi Paolo, Federico
9-Feb-2012Quantum Bertrand systemsRiglioni, Danilo
24-Jan-2011Theoretical and experimental investigation of single spike regime with the SPARC free-electron laserSerluca, Maurizio
1-Feb-2011Design, construction and tests of a high resolution, high dynamic range time to digital converterLoffredo, Salvatore
28-Feb-2012The cosmic ray spectrum measured by the ARGO-YBJ experiment in the 1-1000 TeV energy rangeMontini, Paolo
24-Feb-2012Laboratory phase contrast nano-imaging using X-ray waveguideSorrentino, Andrea
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 222

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