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Title: A simplest A4 model for Tri-Bimaximal neutrino mixing
Authors: Altarelli, Guido
Meloni, Davide
Keywords: A(4) family symmetry
flavor symmetry
mass matrix
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing Ltd.
Source: 45 (Source: SPIRES, Date 7.7.2010)
Abstract: We present a see-saw A(4) model for Tri-Bimaximal mixing which is based on a very economical flavour symmetry and field content and still possesses all the good features of A(4) models. In particular the charged lepton mass hierarchies are determined by the A(4) x Z(4) flavour symmetry itself without invoking a Froggatt-Nielsen U(1)symmetry. Tri-Bimaximal mixing is exact in leading order while all the mixing angles receive corrections of the same order in next-to-leading approximation. As a consequence the predicted value of theta(13) is within the sensitivity of the experiments which will take data in the near future. The light neutrino spectrum, typical of A(4) see-saw models, with its phenomenological implications, also including leptoproduction, is studied in detail.
Description: Citazioni 45 (Source: SPIRES, Date 7.7.2010)
ISSN: 0954-3899
DOI: 10.1088/0954-3899/36/8/085005
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