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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Dec-2010Oxidative stress in Huntington disease and protection by the hMTH1 hydrolaseVentura, Ilenia
17-Dec-2010Characterization of cord-blood derived gamma delta T cells immune response after stimulation with aminobisphosphonate compounds : their hypothetical role in the control of neonatal viral infections transmitted during pregnancyGabriele, Ida
20-Dec-2010Investigation on the biogenesis of macromolecules in prebiotic environmentsWieczorek, Rafal
16-Dec-2011New insights into Quorum Sensing and other infection-related processes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Burkholderia cenocepaciaLongo, Francesca
19-Dec-2011A study on the physiological roles of arabidopsis thaliana polyamine oxidassesFincato, Paola
19-Dec-2011Stenotrophomonas maltophilia isolated from patients affected by cystic fibrosis : genotyping analysis and molecular characterisation of virulence determinantsIacobino, Angelo
19-Dec-2011Structural and functional exploration of the RNA sequences space : implications for the origin of life and biotechnologyAnella, Fabrizio Maria
16-Dec-2011The binding versatility of human Serum Albumin and its allosteric modulationCao, Yu
15-Dec-2011Erosion of carbonatic lithotypes by endolithic organisms under terrestrial conditions : ecological aspects and biodeterioration problemsLombardozzi, Valeria
19-Dec-2011Molecular mechanisms of HIV TAT-induced neuronal toxicity : investigating the role of Polyamine oxidases as mediators of ROS production and the activation of the antioxidant cell responseCapone, Caterina
12-Dec-2011Neuroglobin : molecular,cellular and biomedical aspectsDe Marinis, Elisabetta
15-Dec-2011Plant assemblages and Carpobrotus invasion on coastal sandy ecosystems in central ItalySantoro, Riccardo
16-Dec-2011Analysis of coastal dune vegetation in relation to Posidonia oceanica seagrassDel Vecchio, Silvia
15-Dec-2011Diacrhronic analysis of the Maremma laziale (Latium) for the conservation of the natural and cultural landscapesDe Zuliani, Emanuele
15-Dec-2011Case study for the integration of faunistic data series in selected Italian LTER forest sitesCocciufa, Cristiana
19-Dec-2011Inflammatory and immune reactions in response to chemotherapy-induced cell deathSistigu, Antonella
22-Mar-2012Neuroanatomical and functional magnetic resonance imaging studies for pediatric applicationsNocchi, Federico
20-Dec-2010Systems optimization for the selection of phage display random peptide librariesQuintarelli, Anna
17-Dec-2010The endocrine disruptors : effects and action mechanisms on estrogen-induced cell functionsBulzomi, Pamela
15-Dec-2011Morphometric and molecular analysis of Armeria canescens aggr. (Plumbaginaceae) in the Italian PeninsulaScassellati, Elisabetta
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 54

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