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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Dec-2011Study of the role of products and enzymes of cholesterol biosynthetic pathway in muscle tissuesTrapani, Laura
20-Dec-2010Constructing a minimal cellCarrara, Paolo
16-Dec-2011Quorum sensing and pyoverdine signaling :possible targets for the development of inhibitors of Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulenceMassai, Francesco
19-Dec-2011Involvement of polyamine metabolism in xylem differentiation and stress responsesTisi, Alessandra
16-Dec-2010Impacts of climate change on amphibians : past declines, predicted trends, and future perspectivesD'Amen, Emanuela
16-Dec-2011Role of the MUTYH protein in the response to oxidative damage to DNARuggieri, Vitalba
12-Nov-2011Approach in aptamer based biosensors for human health applicationsLamberti, Ilaria
16-Dec-2011Ecology of the hermit beetie (Osmoderma eremita) in Mediterranean woodlandsChiari, Stefano
16-Jan-2011Involvement of peroxisomes at the onset and during the progression of Alzheimer's disease in a transgenic mouse modelFanelli, Francesca
17-Dec-2010Analysis of the molecular and cellular pathways involved in the genesis of rare hepatic tumoursViganotti, Mara
16-Dec-2010Understanding patterns of invasions on Mediterranean coastal dunes : from environmental filtering to biotic interactions across scalesCarboni, Marta
16-Dec-2010Influence of landscape heterogeneity on vertebrate assemblages of fragmented woodlandZapponi, Livia
20-Dec-2010DNA damage and genetic polymorphisms : influence on individual radiosensitivitySterpone, Silvia
19-Dec-2011Role of AMBRA1 in nervous tissue homeostasis and in neurodegenerationSepe, Sara
16-Jan-2011Paussus favieri a model species for behavioral, chemical and acoustical investigations of ant nest beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Paussini)Maurizi, Emanuela
20-Dec-2010Characterization of transgenic murine model overexpressing spermine oxidase (SMO)Bellavia, Gabriella
17-Dec-2009Macrofite come bioindicatori : analisi ecologica lungo il bacino del fiume Tevere e valutazione degli indici macrofiticiBisceglie, Sara
15-Dec-2009A possible molecular mechanism for parasitic inhibition by lactoferrinLeboffe, Loris
15-Dec-2009Regulation of cellular functions by nitric oxide pathwayCasadei, Manuela
18-Dec-2009The role of mitotic spindle alterations in the induction of apoptosisCenciarelli, Chiara
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 53

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