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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Dec-2015A Bibliography of somali language and linguisticsNilsson, Morgan
21-Jan-2014A Bibliography of the Somali LanguageLamberti, Marcello
1969A Bibliography of the Somali Language and LiteratureJohnson, John William
1983A Brief Review of the Surface and Groundwater Resources of the North-West Region of SomaliaFaillace, C.
1888A collection of birds from Somali-Land (Appendix)Shelley, G. E.
2003A comparative analysis of restrictive and appositive clauses in Cushitic languagesFrascarelli, MaraPuglielli, Annarita
1978A Cookery of Somali StyleAsha Mohamud Guled
2011A Country Called Somalia: Culture, Language and Society of a Vanishing State
1994A Critique of Said Samatar's "Somalia: A Nation in Turmoil"Ahmed Q. Ali
20-Mar-2015A crystal-chemical study of cordierite, synthesis and stability at variable H2O and CO2 concentration: geological and technological applicationsRadica, Francesco
18-Jan-2012A Dangerous Delay: The cost of late response to early warnings in the 2011 drought in the Horn of AfricaHillier, DebbieDempsey, Benedict
22-Jan-2009A design study of the production of Z bosons in association with b jet in final states with muons with the ATLAS detector at the LHCDiglio, Sara
21-Feb-2011A dual-trap optical tweezer setup for single molecule manipulation : development and testingRibezzi Crivellari, Marco
1980A field guide to the birds of East AfricaWilliams, J. G.Arlott, N.
1980A field guide to the Mammals of Africa including Madagascar.Halternorth, TheodorDiller, Helmut
1905A Grammar of the Somali Language with examples in prose and verse and an account of the Yibir and Midgan dialectsKirk, J.W.C.
Sep-2010A high resolution spatial population database of Somalia for disease risk mappingLinard, CatherineAlegana, Victor A.Noor Abdisalan M.Snow, Robert W.Tatem, Andrew J.
8-Aug-1968A Law Implementing the Provisions of Law No. 2 of 11 December 1967, creating the Mogadiscio Water Agency.
1988A Lexical Aspect of Somali and East Cushitic LanguagesAbdalla Omar Mansur
1983A Linguistic Outline of Early Somali HistoryAli, Mohamed Nuuh