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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1994Onomastic synecdoche: the use of proper names of camels in Somali poetryAndrzejewski, B.W.
1989Poetry and Camels in Somalia: Reflections on "Suugaanta Geela" by A. Cali AbokorAndrzejewski, B.W.
2011Poetry in Somali societyAndrzejewski, B.W.
Apr-1982Recommendations for Somali entries in library cataloguing systemAndrzejewski, B.W.
1992Reflections on R.C. Abraham's Somali-English DictionaryAndrzejewski, B.W.
1987Reinisch's work on Somali and its significance todayAndrzejewski, B.W.
1978SomaliAndrzejewski, B.W.
Aug-1966Somalia, the writing of SomaliAndrzejewski, B.W.Strelcyn, S.Tubiana, J.
1969Some observations on hybrid verbs in SomaliAndrzejewski, B.W.
1981The 19th century documentation of Somali oral literatureAndrzejewski, B.W.
Jun-2011The art of the miniature in Somali poetryAndrzejewski, B.W.
1964The Declension of Somali NounsAndrzejewski, B.W.
1978The Development of a National Orthography in Somalia and the Modernization of the Somali LanguageAndrzejewski, B.W.
1992The evocative function of proper names in Somali poetic tropesAndrzejewski, B.W.
1974The Introduction of a National Orthography for SomaliAndrzejewski, B.W.
1986The literary culture of the Somali peopleAndrzejewski, B.W.
1967The Meaning of Verbal Classes in SomaliAndrzejewski, B.W.
2011The poem as a message: verbatim memorization in Somali poetryAndrzejewski, B.W.
20-May-2015The position of Somali among the languages of the WorldAndrzejewski, B.W.
1955The problem of vowel representation in the Isaaq dialect of SomaliAndrzejewski, B.W.