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Title: FAAFIN RASMI AH L. 4 ee 1 Abriil 1989
Issue Date: 1-Apr-1989
Title Act: DECREE of the President of the Somali Democratic Republic L. 21 1989-03-09 Magacaabid Guddoomiyaha Maxkamadda Sare.
DECREE of the Ministry of Interior L. 3 1989-02-10 Aqoonsi Urur Samafal Ugbaad.
DAWLADDA HOOSE MUQ. 4.3.89 - Naado Dhul J.le Cabdiraxmaan Xuseen Jibriil L. 75
MAXKAMADDA G. BANAADIR 23.3.89 - Lumid Buug Kayd L. 8818 ku qoran Saxaan Carab Maxamuud Cumar L. 78
MAXKAMADDA G. BANAADIR 28.3.89 - Lumid Buug Kayd .u. 4342 ku qoran Faaduma lbrahim Cali L. 79
MAXKAMADDA G. BANAADIR. 13.3.89 - Lumid Jeeg War. L. 0265175 ku qoran Xakiimo Xuseen Cadaan L. 80
MAXKAMADDA G. BANAADIR. 31.3.89 - Lumid Jeeg War. L. 0843020 Ku qoran Nuur Maxamed Cali L. 81
MAXKAMADDA G. BANAADIR 1.4.89 - Lumid Jeeg war. L. 0796935 ku qoran Xasan Xaaji Faarax L. 8l/bis.
XAFIISKA NOOTAAYAHA MUQDISHO - Dhismo Shirkad la magic baxday Energy Development Engineering iyo xeer Gaar ah L. 82
MAXKAMADDA G. BANAADIR 25.3.89 - Lumid Jeeg war. l. C342126 ku qoran Maxamed Muqtaar Maxamed L. 83
MAXKAMADDA G. BANAADIR 31.3.89 - Lumid Jeeg War. L. 0322852 ku qoran Maxamed Axmed Yuusuf L. 84
MAXKAMADDA G. BANAADIR 1.4.89 - Lumid Jeeg War. L. 0646020 ku qoran Ruqiyo Axmed Geyre L. 85
MAXKAMADDA G. BANAADIR 1.4.89 - Lumid 4 Jeeg ku qoran Cabdullaahi Cumar Maxamed L. 86
MAXKAMADDA GOBOLKA MUDUG - Lumid uug Kayd L. 0342218 ku qoran Cabdi Maxamed Cabdi L. 87
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