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Title: Search for the decay phi -> K0-K0bar-gamma with the KLOE experiment
Authors: Ambrosino, F.
Antonelli, A.
Antonelli, M.
Archilli, F.
Beltrame, P.
Bencivenni, G.
Bertolucci, S.
Bini, C.
Bloise, C.
Bocchetta, Serena
Bossi, F.
Branchini, P.
Capon, G.
Capussela, T.
Ceradini, Filippo
Ciambrone, P.
De Lucia, E.
De Santis, A.
De Simone, P.
De Zorzi, G.
Denig, A.
Di Domenico, A.
Di Donato, C.
Di Micco, Biagio
Dreucci, M.
Felici, G.
Fiore, S.
Franzini, P.
Gatti, C.
Gauzzi, P.
Giovannella, S.
Graziani, E.
Lanfranchi, G.
Lee-Franzini, J.
Martini, M.
Massarotti, P.
Meola, S.
Miscetti, S.
Moulson, M.
Mueller, S.
Murtas, F.
Napolitano, M.
Nguyen, Federico
Palutan, M.
Pasqualucci, E.
Passeri, A.
Patera, V.
Santangelo, P.
Sciascia, B.
Spadaro, T.
Testa, M.
Tortora, L.
Valente, P.
Venanzoni, G.
Versaci, R.
Xu, G.
Keywords: e+e− collisions
KLOE experiment
φ radiative decays
Scalar mesons
Issue Date: Jul-2009
Source: 4
Abstract: We have searched for the decay phi -> K0-K0bar-gamma by detecting KS pairs plus a photon and with the KS-mesons decaying to pi+ pi-, in a sample of about 1.5 x 10^9 phi-decays collected by the KLOE experiment at DAFNE. The reaction proceeds through the intermediate states f0(980)-gamma, a0(980)-gamma. We find five events with 3.2 events expected from background processes. We obtain the upperlimit: BR(phi -> K0-Kobar-gamma < 1.9 x 10^(-8) at 90% CL.
ISSN: 0370-2693
DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2009.07.013
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