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Title: Forward production of charged pions with incident protons on nuclear targets at the CERN Proton Synchrotron
Authors: Apollonio, M.
Artamonov, A.
Bagulya, A.
Barr, G.
Blondel, A.
Bobisut, F.
Bogomilov, M.
Bonesini, M.
Booth, C.
Borghi, S.
Bunyatov, S.
Burguet-Castell, J.
Catanesi, M. G.
Cervera-Villanueva, A.
Chimenti, P.
Coney, L.
Di Capua, E.
Dore, U.
Dumarchez, J.
Edgecock, R.
Ellis, M.
Ferri, F.
Gastaldi, U.
Giani, S.
Giannini, G.
Gibin, D.
Gilardoni, S.
Gorbunov, P.
Goessling, C.
Gomez-Cadenas, J. J.
Grant, A.
Graulich, J. S.
Gregoire, G.
Grichine, V.
Grossheim, A.
Guglielmi, A.
Howlett, L.
Ivanchenko, A.
Ivanchenko, V.
Kayis-Topaksu, A.
Kirsanov, M.
Kolev, D.
Krasnoperov, A.
Martin-Albo, J.
Meurer, C.
Mezzetto, M.
Mills, G. B.
Morone, M. C.
Novella, P.
Orestano, Domizia
Palladino, V.
Panman, J.
Papadopoulos, I.
Pastore, Fernanda
Piperov, S.
Polukhina, N.
Popov, B.
Prior, G.
Radicioni, E.
Schmitz, D.
Schroeter, R.
Serdiouk, V.
Skoro, G.
Sorel, M.
Tcherniaev, E.
Temnikov, P.
Tereschenko, V.
Tonazzo, Alessandra
Tortora, Ludovico
Tsenov, R.
Tsukerman, I.
Vidal-Sitjes, G.
Wiebusch, C.
Zucchelli, P.
Keywords: 450 GEV/C PROTONS
Issue Date: 30-Sep-2009
Publisher: American Physical Society
Abstract: Measurements of the double-differential pi(+/-) production cross section in the range of momentum 0.5 <= p <= 8.0 GeV/c and angle 0.025<= theta <= 0.25 rad in collisions of protons on beryllium, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, aluminum, copper, tin, tantalum, and lead are presented. The data were taken with the large-acceptance HAdRon Production (HARP) detector in the T9 beamline of the CERN Proton Synchrotron. Incident particles were identified by an elaborate system of beam detectors. Thin targets of 5% of a nuclear interaction length were used. The tracking and identification of the produced particles were performed using the forward system of the HARP experiment. Results are obtained for the double-differential cross sections d(2)sigma s/dpd Omega mainly at four incident proton beam momenta (3, 5, 8, and 12GeV/c). Measurements are compared with the GEANT4 and MARS Monte Carlo generators. A global parametrization is provided as an approximation of all the collected datasets, which can serve as a tool for quick yield estimates.
ISSN: 0556-2813
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.80.035208
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