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Act Type (eng): DECREE of the Ministry of Public Works
Act Type (ita): DECRETO del Ministero dei Lavori Pubblici
Act Type(som): XEER Wasaaradda Hawlaha Guud
Title: Cad dhul Dawladeed ah oo la siiyey Maxamed Cabdulle kuna fadhiya mq. 216. Cad dhul Dawladeed ah oo la siiyey Cabduraxmaan Axmed Saciid kuna fadhiya mq. 96. Dhul Dawladeed oo la siiyey gacantana loo geliyay Saeiid Maxamed Cabdu­raxmaan Axmed, Subayda iyo Samira Maxamed Cabraxmaan kuna fadhiya mq. 120.
Issue: L. 77
Issue Date: 3-Aug-1976
Contained in: Faafin Rasmi ah L. 8 ee 1 Agoosto 1976
Appears in Collections:Archivio Leggi della Somalia (1950-1989)

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