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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jan-2009A design study of the production of Z bosons in association with b jet in final states with muons with the ATLAS detector at the LHCDiglio, Sara
21-Feb-2011A dual-trap optical tweezer setup for single molecule manipulation : development and testingRibezzi Crivellari, Marco
27-Jan-2015A novel on-line dose monitoring technique tailored for Particle TherapyMattei, Ilaria
21-Jun-2016A polarimeter to observe exoplanetsMarchetti, Dedalo
27-Jan-2015A preparatory study for the extraction of the transverse spin degrees of freedom of the neutron in high intensity frontier experimentsDel Dotto, Alessio
Oct-2009A relativistically smeared spectrum in the neutron star X-ray binary 4U1705-44: looking at the inner accretion disc with X-ray spectroscopyDi Salvo, T.D'Ai, A.Iaria, R.Burderi, L.Dovciak, M., et al
21-Feb-2011A simplified 1D model for the chemo-mechanical coupling in sarcomere dynamicsZastrow, Lena Rebecca
20-Jan-2010Ab initio investigation of the structural and electronic properties of tio2 nanostructuresIacomino, Amilcare
5-Feb-2013Accreting Black Holes during cosmic timeMelini, Gabriele
May-2009Agglomeration process in thin silicon-, strained silicon-, and silicongermanium-on-insulator substratesCapellini, GiovanniCiasca, GabrieleDe Seta, MonicaNotargiacomo, AndreaEvangelisti, Florestano, et al
27-Jan-2015Analysis and interpretation of Carbon ion fragmentation in the Bragg peak energy rangeMancini Terracciano, Carlo
5-Feb-2013Analysis of the Global Radioxenon Background with Atmospheric Transport Modelling for Nuclear Explosion MonitoringSchöppner, Michael
1999Andreev tunneling in quantum dots: A slave-boson approachSchwab, PeterRaimondi, Roberto
Jul-2009Anisotropy probe of galactic and extra-galactic dark matter annihilationsFornasa, MattiaPieri, LidiaBertone, GianfrancoBranchini, Enzo
16-Feb-2018Anomalies in b → s transitions and metastability of the two Higgs doublet model: two global analysesCoutinho, Antonio
2005Anomalous Dimension Matrix and Wilson Coefficients relevant to dipole transitions in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard ModelMarchetti, Schedar
2009Antiferromagnetic-paramagnetic insulating transition in Cr-doped V2O3 investigated by EXAFS analysisMeneghini, CarloDi Matteo, S.Monesi, ClaudiaNeisius, T.Paolasini, L., et al
Aug-2009ARGO-YBJ constraints on very high energy emission from GRBsAielli, G.Bacci, CesareBartoli, B.Bernardini, P.Bi, X. J., et al
27-Jan-2015Associated production of the Higgs boson with a W boson in proton-proton collisions : an explorative analysis of the three-leptons final state with the ATLAS experimentTrovatelli, Monica