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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Mar-2015A crystal-chemical study of cordierite, synthesis and stability at variable H2O and CO2 concentration: geological and technological applicationsRadica, Francesco
11-Feb-2016A source-to-sink history of the supradetachment Gediz Graben (W Turkey): from exhumation of the Central Menderes Massif through the Gediz detachment fault to sedimentation in the basinAsti, Riccardo
26-Mar-2010Active deformation and volcanism offshore campi flegrei: new data from seismic reflection profilesPunzo, Michele
27-Nov-2017Ambient noise data analysis for the reconstruction of the deep subsurface model in the Roman areaCarlucci, Giorgia
2-May-2012Analisi dei fattori di pericolosità geologica presenti nella città di Roma attraverso l'esame di alcuni casi di studioCorazza, Angelo
24-Nov-2017Analysis of the controlling factors able to generate mega-earthquakes along the subduction thrust faultBrizzi, Silvia
9-May-2014Application of quantitative hydrogeological methodologies in northern sector of VulsiniViaroli, Stefano
12-Apr-2011Application of the modflow groundwater numerical model to hydrogeological volcanic unitsTaviani, Sara
11-Mar-2016Assessment of Soil Shaking Features in Urban AreasPiersanti, Maurizio
14-Mar-2008Basalt/crust time dependent-interaction.Major and trace element behaviour in the resulting meltsMollo, Silvio
4-Apr-2013Cenozoic geometric and kinematic evolution of the tuscan-umbrian tectono-stratigraphic units (northern Apennines) : paleothermometric and paleomagnetic constraintsCaricchi, Chiara
11-Feb-2016Cenozoic tectonic evolution and paleomagnetic rotation in IranRashid, Hamideh
23-May-2013Coupled lithosphere-mantle dynamics and surface responses: insights from modelingBajolet, Flora
8-Apr-2011Coupling at plate boundaries : insights from laboratory experimentsCorbi, Fabio
18-Mar-2009Deformation processes along the Calabrian compressive marginMinelli, Liliana
11-Mar-2016Dehydration and deprotonation processes in minerals: development of new spectroscopic techniquesSusta, Umberto
20-Mar-2009Le emissioni di gas endogeno dei colli Albani e dell'isola di Vulcano e valutazione della loro pericolositàTarchini, Luca
26-Mar-2010Emplacement temperature and flow direction analysis of large dimension calderas ignimbrites: the Cerro Galan and Toconquis group ignimbrites (Puna plateau, NW Argentina)Lesti, Chiara
10-Jul-2015Exploration of medium - and low - enthalpy geothermal resources in the sub - Andean area for the sustainable development of the cities of Salta province (northwestern Argentina)Maffucci, Roberta