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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983Language Reform in Somalia and the Modernization of the Somali VocabularyAndrzejewski, B.W.
1972Lilias Eveline Armstrong and her Discoveries in Somali PhonologyAndrzejewski, B.W.
2011Modern and traditional aspects of Somali dramaAndrzejewski, B.W.
1994New Arabic Documents from SomaliaAndrzejewski, B.W.Lewis, I.M.
Sep-1994Onomastic synecdoche: the use of proper names of camels in Somali poetryAndrzejewski, B.W.
1989Poetry and Camels in Somalia: Reflections on "Suugaanta Geela" by A. Cali AbokorAndrzejewski, B.W.
2011Poetry in Somali societyAndrzejewski, B.W.
Apr-1982Recommendations for Somali entries in library cataloguing systemAndrzejewski, B.W.
1992Reflections on R.C. Abraham's Somali-English DictionaryAndrzejewski, B.W.
1987Reinisch's work on Somali and its significance todayAndrzejewski, B.W.
1978SomaliAndrzejewski, B.W.
Aug-1966Somalia, the writing of SomaliAndrzejewski, B.W.Strelcyn, S.Tubiana, J.
1969Some observations on hybrid verbs in SomaliAndrzejewski, B.W.
1981The 19th century documentation of Somali oral literatureAndrzejewski, B.W.
Jun-2011The art of the miniature in Somali poetryAndrzejewski, B.W.
1964The Declension of Somali NounsAndrzejewski, B.W.
1978The Development of a National Orthography in Somalia and the Modernization of the Somali LanguageAndrzejewski, B.W.
1992The evocative function of proper names in Somali poetic tropesAndrzejewski, B.W.
1974The Introduction of a National Orthography for SomaliAndrzejewski, B.W.
1986The literary culture of the Somali peopleAndrzejewski, B.W.