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Title: The Syntax of Indicator Particles in Somali. Part II: The construction of interrogative, negative and negative-interrogative clause
Authors: Antinucci, Francesco
Discipline: Center for Somali Studies List of Subjects::Linguistics::syntax
Xoghayaha Xarunta Cilmibaarista Soomaaliyeed::Cilmi-afeed::weereed
Soggettario Centro Studi Somalo::LINGUISTICA::Sintassi
Keywords: Somali language
focus marking system
nidaamka diiradeeyaha
lingua somala
Issue Date: 1980
Type: article
Journal: Studies in African Linguistics
Call Number: Originale conservato presso il Centro Studi Somali (
Issue Number: 1
Pages: 35
Abstract: In Somali there is an obligatory focus marking system, which appears to have a pervasive influence on the syntax of the language. This paper attempts to show that significant generalizations regarding the formation of interrogative, negative, and negative-interrogative clauses can be captured only with reference to the focus structure of corresponding main declarative clauses.
Af-soomaaligu wuxuu leeyahay nidaam diiradeeye oo khasab ah in loo adeegsado weereynta afka. Qoraalkaani wuxuu muujinaya xeerka guud ee diiradeeyaha loo adeegsado marka weer qiraal gudaheeda laga dhex helo: w. weyddiimeed, w. diidmo iyo weer weyddiin-diidmo.
In somalo c'è un sistema di focalizzazione obbligatorio che sembra avere un'influenza pervasiva sulla sintassi. Questo articolo cerca di dimostrare che si possono effettuare generalizzazioni significative riguardo la formazione di frasi interrogative, negative, e interrogative-negative con il solo riferimento al tipo di focalizzazione presente nelle frasi dichiarative principali corrispondenti.
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