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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Apr-1971Expulsion of Brig. Gen. Mohamed Ainanshe Gulaid and Brig. Gen. Salad Gaveire from the Supreme Revolutionary Council and Council of Secretaries.
20-Jul-2007Extended Gutzwiller wavefunction for the Hubbard-Holstein modelBarone, PaoloRaimondi, RobertoCapone, MassimoCastellani, ClaudioFabrizio, Michele
3-Mar-1968Extension and modification of the Law on foreign Investments.
6-Jan-1964Extension of delegation of powers as under Law of 18 June 1963 No. 8, concerning the issuance of the Military Criminal Procedure Code and the organization of the Military Judiciary authorities.
9-Jan-1964Extension of the Labour Code and Delegation of powers to the Government for the issuance of Regulations concerning the revisio, integration and implementation of the Labour Code.
13-Apr-1971Extension of the period of Vote on Account for the Year 1971.
23-Jan-1971Extension of the prescription term of old type of coins.
5-Oct-1964Extension of the time-limit for fixing the permanent establishment of the Civil Service.
20-May-1964Extension of the time-limit prescribed by Law No. 19 of 14th August 1963 for the establishment of the maximum limits of the rates, taxes and other fees, which Local Administrations are authorized to levy.
19-Jan-1963Extension to the whole territory of the Republic of Law 16 November 1957, N. 15 and of the Legislative Decree 5 May 1960 No. 4 – income Tax and Additional Tax on Moveable Property.
9-Sep-1965Extension to the whole Territory of the Republic of Law No. 7 of 22 January 1960 concerning the Stamp Tax and the use of watermarked stamped paper.
26-Mar-2011Extraction, integration and probabilistic characterization of web dataBlanco, Lorenzo
27-Sep-1970Extraordinary tax chargeable upon income from employment for the economic and social development of the Country.
11-Apr-2011Extreme waves in coastal areas : landslide tsunami modeling and storm waves long term statistcsMontagna, Francesca
3-Apr-2009Eye Driven Human-Machine Interfaces For People With DisabilitiesTorricelli, Diego
2007È impossibile stabilizzare il Corno d’Africa?Marchal, Roland
1993Ébauche de la recherche collective en SomalieMugnaini, Fabio
1937Étude sur une coutume Somalie : les femmes cousuesde Villeneuve, Annie
1993Être, naître, appartenir: identité sociale et rôle des lignages dans un village de la Somalie méridionaleGrilli, Simonetta