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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-1983Waxbarashada dadweynaha ee dugsiyada h/dhexe soomaliyeed
May-1983Waxbarashada dadweynaha ee dugsiyada h/dhexe soomaliyeed
-WAXKAMADDA G/GALBEED, 10.10.85 - Lumid Jeeg War. L. 0444666 ku qoran Saciid Cawad Ciid L. 517
11-May-2015Web based face recognition for visual internet of thingsLeo, Marco
1990Weeraynta Soomaaliga. Xilliyada 5aadWaasuge A.M.
14-Dec-1972Weights and measures.
28-Feb-2018Well-defined glycoconjugates via chemo-enzymatic synthesis of oligosaccharidesOldrini, Davide
20-Apr-2018Wesen, Eidos and Normativity in Husserl's PhenomenologyCarta, Emanuela
2011Western science: A case of transcultural university propaedeuticsBandiera, Milena
2001What is the Thing Called Somaliness?Steiner, Martina I.
Aug-2012When female circumcision comes to the West: Attitudes toward the practice among Somali Immigrants in OsloGele Abdi A.Johansen, Elise B.Sundby, Johanne
2012When orature becomes literature: Somali oral poetry and folktales in Somali novelsMoolla, Fiona F.
11-May-2017When state disappears: powerful and powerless in the Horn of AfricaPlanells i Costa, Antoni
29-Apr-2011"Who can harness history?" America's quest for world order : the Gulf crisis and the making of the Post-Cold War era, 1990-1992Pagliarulo, Diego
1-Jan-1973Widows and orphans’ pensions Somaliland Fund.
9-Jul-2015William James: psychology and ontology of continuityBella, Michela
1905With the Abyssinians in SomalilandWilles Jennings, J.Addison, Christopher
11-Apr-1970Withdrawal of old coins from circulation.
10-Aug-1970Withdrawal of Special facilities for commercial payments with neighbouring countries.
2012Witnessing Contemporary Somalia from Abroad. An Interview with Nuruddin FarahNiemi, Minna