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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jan-2010Isochronous systems and orthogonal polynomialsDroghei, Riccardo
30-Dec-2009K ->pi l nu semileptonic form factors from two-flavor lattice QCDLubicz, VittorioMescia, FedericoSimula, SilvanoTarantino, Cecilia
Dec-2009K ->pi l nu semileptonic form factors from two-flavor lattice QCDLubicz, VittorioMescia, FedericoSimula, SilvanoTarantino, Cecilia
2009Kaon oscillations in the Standard Model and Beyond using Nf=2 dynamical quarksBertone, ValerioDimopoulos, PetrosFrezzotti, RobertoGimenez, VicentLubicz, Vittorio, et al
2009Kaon physics from lattice QCDLubicz, Vittorio
11-Feb-2008Kinetics of nucleation and aggregation in a [alpha]-crystallin suspensionsMaulucci, Giuseppe
24-Feb-2012Laboratory phase contrast nano-imaging using X-ray waveguideSorrentino, Andrea
27-Jan-2015Large deviations for generalized polya urns with general urn functionsFranchini, Simone
29-Dec-2009Large-angle production of charged pions with incident pion beams on nuclear targetsApollonio, M.Artamonov, A.Bagulya, A.Barr, G.Blondel, A., et al
2009Large-scale non-Gaussian mass function and halo bias: tests on N-body simulationsGrossi, MargheritaVerde, LiciaCarbone, CarmelitaDolag, KlausBranchini, Enzo, et al
26-Feb-2016Leading isospin breaking effects and electromagnetic corrections of hadronic quantities in lattice QCDPicca, Eleonora
7-Apr-2008Light quark masses and pseudoscalar decay constants from Nf=2 lattice QCD with twisted mass fermionsBlossier, B.Boucaud, Ph.Dimopoulos, P.Farchioni, F.Frezzotti, R., et al
2006Linear and Nonlinear Effects in one-Dimensional Photonics CrystalMattiucci, Nadia
2009Local structure of Sr2FeMoxW1-xO6 double perovskites across the composition-driven metal to insulator transitionBardelli, FabrizioMeneghini, CarloMobilio, SettimioRay, SugataSarma, D. D.
2006Localization effects on the structural properties of noble metal nanoparticlesComaschi, Tatiana
16-Feb-2015Looking for the broad emission lines in AGN2 with deep NIR spectroscopyOnori, Francesca
12-Jan-2009Low energy limit in Loop Quantum GravityMagliaro, Elena
1993Lower and upper Hubbard bands: A slave-boson treatmentRaimondi, RobertoCastellani, Claudio
28-Oct-2016L’origine de l’émission électromagnétique de haute énergie dans l’environnement des trous noirs supermassifs. Phénomènes cosmiques de haute energieUrsini, Francesco