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1999Andreev tunneling in quantum dots: A slave-boson approachSchwab, PeterRaimondi, Roberto
Dec-2007Current-induced spin polarization and the spin Hall effect: a quasiclassical approachRaimondi, RobertoGorini, CosimoDzierzawa, MichaelSchwab, Peter
25-Oct-2004Electronic thermal conductivity of disordered metalsRaimondi, RobertoSavona, GiorgioSchwab, PeterLuck, Thomas
5-Jun-2008Magneto-spin Hall conductivity of a two-dimensional electron gasMilletarì, MircoRaimondi, RobertoSchwab, Peter
1999Nonlinear effects and dephasing in disordered electron systemsRaimondi, RobertoSchwab, PeterCastellani, Claudio
5-Mar-2008Quasiclassical approach and spin–orbit couplingGorini, CosimoSchwab, PeterDzierzawa, MichaelRaimondi, Roberto
27-Jul-2006Quasiclassical approach to the spin-Hall effect in the two-dimensional electron gasRaimondi, RobertoGorini, CosimoSchwab, PeterDzierzawa, Michael
13-Oct-2003Quasiclassical theory of charge transport in disordered interacting electron systemsSchwab, PeterRaimondi, Roberto
Feb-2009Spin Hall effect in a 2DEG in the presence of magnetic couplingsGorini, CosimoSchwab, PeterDzierzawa, MichaelRaimondi, RobertoMilletarì, Mirco
29-Sep-2008Spin polarizations and spin Hall currents in a two-dimensional electron gas with magnetic impuritiesGorini, CosimoSchwab, PeterDzierzawa, MichaelRaimondi, Roberto
19-Oct-2006Spin relaxation in narrow wires of a two-dimensional electron gasSchwab, PeterDzierzawa, MichaelGorini, CosimoRaimondi, Roberto
24-Jan-2005Spin-Hall effect in a disordered two-dimensional electron systemRaimondi, RobertoSchwab, Peter
Aug-2009Tuning the spin Hall effect in a two-dimensional electron gasRaimondi, RobertoSchwab, Peter