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Sep-2009The bolometric luminosity of type 2 AGN from extinction-corrected [OIII]: no evidence of Eddington-limited sourcesLamastra, AlessandraBianchi, StefanoMatt, GiorgioPerola, Giuseppe CesareBarcons, X., et al
Jul-2008A broad-line region origin for the iron Kα line in NGC 7213Bianchi, StefanoLa Franca, FabioMatt, GiorgioGuainazzi, MatteoJimenez Bailon, Elena, et al
Feb-2009CAIXA: a catalogue of AGN in the XMM-Newton archive I. Spectral analysisBianchi, StefanoGuainazzi, MatteoMatt, GiorgioBonilla, N. FonsecaPonti, Gabriele
2009CAIXA: a catalogue of AGN in the XMM-Newton archive II. Multiwavelength correlationsBianchi, StefanoBonilla, N. FonsecaGuainazzi, MatteoMatt, GiorgioPonti, Gabriele
Apr-2009How complex is the obscuration in active galactic nuclei? new cluesfrom the suzaku monitoring of the x-ray absorbers in ngc 7582Bianchi, StefanoPiconcelli, EnricoChiaberge, MarcoJimenez Bailon, ElenaMatt, Giorgio, et al
Nov-2009A strong excess in the 20-100 kev emission of ngc 1365Risaliti, G.Braito, V.Laparola, V.Bianchi, StefanoElvis, M., et al
Mar-2009Suzaku observation of the Phoenix galaxyMatt, GiorgioBianchi, StefanoAwaki, HisamitsuComastri, AndreaGuainazzi, Matteo, et al
13-Feb-2018Time series analysis: A new methodological approach for a worldwide comparison of 7Be and meteorological parametersBianchi, Stefano
10-Aug-2009Unabsorbed Seyfert 2 galaxies: the case of 'naked' AGNPanessa, F.Carrera, F. J.Bianchi, StefanoCorral, A.Gastaldello, F., et al
1-May-2009Variable partial covering and a relativistic iron line in NGC 1365Risaliti, GuidoMiniutti, GiovanniElvis, MartinFabbiano, GiuseppinaSalvati, Marco, et al
2009The XMM-Newton long look of NGC 1365: uncovering of the obscured X-raysourceRisaliti, GuidoSalvati, MarcoElvis, MartinFabbiano, GiuseppinaBaldi, Alessandro, et al