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Title: Temperature effect on RPC performance in the ARGO-YBJ experiment
Authors: Aielli, G.
Bacci, Cesare
Bartoli, B.
Bernardini, P.
Bi, X. J.
Bleve, C.
Branchini, Paolo
Budano, Antonio
Bussino, Severino
Calabrese Melcarne, A. K.
Camarri, P.
Cao, Z.
Cappa, A.
Cardarelli, R.
Catalanotti, S.
Cattaneo, C.
Celio, Paola
Chen, S. Z.
Chen, Y.
Cheng, N.
Creti, P.
Cui, S. W.
Dai, B. Z.
D'Ali Staiti, G.
Dattoli, M.
De Mitri, I.
D'Ettorre Piazzoli, B.
De Vincenzi, Mario
Di Girolamo, T.
Ding, X. H.
Di Sciascio, G.
Feng, C. F.
Feng, Zhaoyang
Feng, Zhenyong
Galeazzi, Fulvio
Galeotti, P.
Gargana, Riccardo
Gou, Q. B.
Guo, Y. Q.
He, H. H.
Hu, Haibing
Hu, Hongbo
Huang, Q.
Iacovacci, M.
Iuppa, R.
James, Irina
Jia, H. Y.
Li, H. J.
Li, J. Y.
Li, X. X.
Liberti, B.
Liguori, G.
Liu, C.
Liu, C. Q.
Liu, M. Y.
Liu, J.
Lu, H.
Ma, X. H.
Mancarella, G.
Mari, Stefano Maria
Marsella, G.
Martello, D.
Mastroianni, S.
Meng, X. R.
Montini, Paolo
Ning, C. C.
Pagliaro, A.
Panareo, M.
Perrone, L.
Pistilli, Pio
Qu, X. B.
Rossi, E.
Ruggieri, Federico
Saggese, L.
Salvini, P.
Santonico, R.
Shen, P. R.
Sheng, X. D.
Shi, F.
Stanescu, Cristian
Surdo, A.
Tan, Y. H.
Vallania, P.
Vernetto, S.
Vigorito, C.
Wang, B.
Wang, H.
Wu, C. Y.
Wu, H. R.
Xu, B.
Xue, L.
Yan, Y. X.
Yang, Q. Y.
Yang, X. C.
Yuan, A. F.
Zha, M.
Zhang, H. M.
Zhang, JiLong
Zhang, JianLi
Zhang, L.
Zhang, P.
Zhang, X. Y.
Zhang, Y.
Zhou, X. X.
Zhu, F. R.
Zhu, Q. Q.
Zizzi, G.
Issue Date: Sep-2009
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: The ARGO-YBJ experiment has been taking data for nearly 2 years. In order to monitor continuously the performance of the Resistive Plate Chamber detectors and to study the daily temperature effects on the detector performance, a cosmic ray muon telescope was setup near the carpet detector array in the ARGO-YBJ laboratory. Based on the measurements performed using this telescope, it is found that, at the actual operating voltage of 7.2kV, the temperature effect on the RPC time resolution is about 0.04ns/degrees C and on the particle detection efficiency is about 0.03%/degrees C. Based on these figures we conclude that the environmental effects do not affect substantially the angular resolution of the ARGO-YBJ detector.
ISSN: 0168-9002
DOI: 10.1016/j.nima.2009.07.020
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