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Title: Proton-air cross section measurement with the ARGO-YBJ cosmic ray experiment
Authors: Aielli, G.
Bacci, Cesare
Bartoli, B.
Bernardini, P.
Bi, X. J.
Bleve, C.
Branchini, Paolo
Budano, A.
Bussino, Severino
Calabrese Melcarne, A. K.
Camarri, P.
Cao, Z.
Cappa, A.
Cardarelli, R.
Catalanotti, S.
Cattaneo, C.
Celio, Paola
Chen, S. Z.
Chen, Y.
Cheng, N.
Creti, P.
Cui, S. W.
Dai, B. Z.
D'Ali Staiti, G.
Dattoli, M.
De Mitri, I.
D'Ettorre Piazzoli, B.
De Vincenzi, Mario
Di Girolamo, T.
Ding, X. H.
Di Sciascio, G.
Feng, C. F.
Feng, Zhaoyang
Feng, Zhenyong
Galeazzi, Fulvio
Galeotti, P.
Gargana, Riccardo
Gou, Q. B.
Guo, Y. Q.
He, H. H.
Hu, Haibing
Hu, Hongbo
Huang, Q.
Iacovacci, M.
Iuppa, R.
James, Irina
Jia, H. Y.
Li, H. J.
Li, J. Y.
Li, X. X.
Liberti, B.
Liguori, G.
Liu, C.
Liu, C. Q.
Liu, M. Y.
Liu, J.
Lu, H.
Ma, X. H.
Mancarella, G.
Mari, Stefano Maria
Marsella, G.
Martello, D.
Mastroianni, Stefano
Meng, X. R.
Montini, Paolo
Ning, C. C.
Pagliaro, A.
Panareo, M.
Perrone, L.
Pistilli, Pio
Qu, X. B.
Rossi, E.
Ruggieri, Federico
Saggese, L.
Salvini, P.
Santonico, R.
Shen, P. R.
Sheng, X. D.
Shi, F.
Stanescu, Cristian
Surdo, A.
Tan, Y. H.
Vallania, P.
Vernetto, S.
Vigorito, C.
Wang, B.
Wang, H.
Wu, C. Y.
Wu, H. R.
Xu, B.
Xue, L.
Yan, Y. X.
Yang, Q. Y.
Yang, X. C.
Yuan, A. F.
Zha, M.
Zhang, H. M.
Zhang, JiLong
Zhang, JianLi
Zhang, L.
Zhang, P.
Zhang, X. Y.
Zhang, Y.
Zhou, X. X.
Zhu, F. R.
Zhu, Q. Q.
Zizzi, G.
Issue Date: 16-Nov-2009
Publisher: American Physical Society
Abstract: The proton-air cross section in the energy range 1-100 TeV has been measured by the ARGO-YBJ cosmic ray experiment. The analysis is based on the primary cosmic ray flux attenuation for different atmospheric depths (i.e. zenith angles) and exploits the detector capabilities of selecting the shower development stage by means of hit multiplicity, density and lateral profile measurements at ground. The effects of shower fluctuations, the contribution of heavier primaries and the uncertainties of the hadronic interaction models, have been taken into account. The results have been used to estimate the total proton-proton cross section at center-of-mass energies between 70 and 500 GeV, where no accelerator data are currently available.
ISSN: 1550-7998
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.80.092004
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