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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995The Semantics of Middle Voice in SomaliSaeed, John Ibrahim
2001The silent victim: The wildlife of Somalia and its rate of extictionOsman Gedow Amir
1988The Situation of Woodfuel Supply and Demand in MogadishuLaux, Hubert
2001The Somali catastrophe. Explanations and implicationsAhmed I. Samatar
28-Jan-2014The Somali crisis and the role of organic poetry: a brief reflectionGamute Ahmed Gamute
1988The Somali Inshore Fishing Economy. Structure, Problems, PerspectivesJanzen, Jörg
1953The Somali LanguageBell, C.R.V.
1985The Somali nation III: State and societyOmar Osman Rabeh
1984The Somali NomadOmar Osman Rabeh
2001The Somali Studies International Association: A Brief HistoryCassanelli, Lee
13-Jun-2017The Somali Tribal Tangle: Tribal solidarity -v- the stateYousuf J.A. Dhuhul
Apr-2009The Somalian Crisis: A Legacy of Colonialism?Adamu, MM
1993The Somalis. Their history and culturePutman Briton, DianaMohamood Cabdi Noor
1993The Sons of SomalHanghe, Ahmed Artan
10-Jun-2015The spatial dimension of creativity: evidence from the metropolitan region of RomeLelo, Keti
2004The struggle for land in Southern Somalia. The war behind the war
1988The Study of Somali Music: Present StateGiannattasio, Francesco
1989The SWDO/AIDOS project: "Somalia: information campaign against infibulation"Cirillo, Elisabetta
1982The Syntactic Status of Quantifiers in Somali.Saaed, John Ibrahim
1980The Syntax of Indicator Particles in Somali. Part II: The construction of interrogative, negative and negative-interrogative clauseAntinucci, Francesco