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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jun-2016The Picard group of the universal moduli space of vector bundles over the moduli space of stable curves.Fringuelli, Roberto
1941The plant formations of Western British Somaliland and the Harar province of AbyssiniaGillett, J.B.
1988The plants of Somalia: an overview and checklistKuchar, Peter
2011The poem as a message: verbatim memorization in Somali poetryAndrzejewski, B.W.
29-Mar-2017The Political Poetry of Mohammed 'Abdulle Hassan and its Relevance to the Recurring Crisis in Somali HistoryAbdi A. Sheik-Abdi
2015The politics of civil society and languageAbdulkadir Osman Farah
1987The politics of poetry on the Horn of Africa: a case study in the dynamics of macro-level and micro-level traditionJohnson, John William
1974The portion of Somali territory under Ethiopian colonization
20-May-2015The position of Somali among the languages of the WorldAndrzejewski, B.W.
1984The Pragmatics of Noun Incorporation in Eastern Cushitic LanguagesSasse, Hans-Jurgen
1955The problem of vowel representation in the Isaaq dialect of SomaliAndrzejewski, B.W.
May-2010The Puntland State of Somalia. A Tentative Social AnalysisMarchal, Roland
1984The Refugee Health Unit of the Somali Ministry of Health - A History of an extraordinarily successful Somali ProgrammeHeide, Lutz
-The Regional Court at Hargeisa – Petitioner Gailani Mohamed Gassali (320).
1984The Relationship between Mental and Physical Variables in Somali ChildrenGrassivaro Gallo, Pia
1986The Relationship between the Hunger in third World and the Overconsume in the Industrial CultureAli A. Mohamud Fureh
26-May-2016The Relevance of Trade Imbalances within the European Monetary UnionBonamini, Giulia
1989The results of the geotechnical analysis of Bajiino Area (Coriolei)Omar Shire YusufOsman Mohamed AhmedAbdurahman Dahir HassanA.M. Nuur
2001The rise of the free press in SomalilandAbdirahman Yusuf Duale 'Boobe'
2011The rise of written Somali literatureAndrzejewski, B.W.